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We want to help businesses have a professionally clean approach when their new customers come in. Also, with new guest entering your home when a family function is going to occur, we would like to give you a helpful hand with preparations and have a memorial experience. Baewash is there to help people and businesses by using high graded detailed cleaning services not everyone is capable of doing. With our assistance, we will be able to get stains and dust layers that regular brushes and detergent are unable to remove with a high PSI pressure wash, powerful pressure washing equipment, and expertise experience.

Retaining Walls Wash

Brick, wood, and even plastic fencing needs frequent washes so with the help of Baewash, we'll be able to provide our services to have your fencing looking new again!

Power Washing Bench

Patio/Driveway Wash

Dirt, oil, and nasty drink spill stains tends to build up creating layers that your ordinary hose can not get out. Whether if its cement, brick, or wood, using our high pressured water services will eliminate the stain creating the layers!

Backyard Washing

Roof Wash

Rain, moss, and dust storms will have your tiled or shingle roof look aged more than the accurate amount it was installed. A simply wash with high tier detergent and high PSI will definitely take the stains off and will brand new once again!

Roof Cleaning
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